PoochiPouch adds dignity and convenience to the poo solution!
Why PoochiPouch?
Dogs - and their owners - love to be outside and on the go.
With outdoor adventures come doggy potty breaks, which pesent the problem of
"What to do with the poo?"
Our solution allows for an easy pick up and go, with dignity.   No more "carrying the poo bag of shame" while on your walk or run - your pup can do the job!  Our solution allows for a quick pick up and stylish carrying pouch to dispose of at your convenience.  
How does it work?
  1. 1
    Pick up poo
    Many dog owners choose not to because they don't want to carry it around.
  2. 2
    Place in PoochiPouch
    Once you release the PoochiPouch to its full length, easily open and place the waste bag inside. No matter the size of the load, the PoochiPouch will keep the contents secure until a waste receptacle is located.
  3. 3
    Continue on your way!
    The PoochiPouch allows you and your pal to continue on your walk or run without a second thought.
We had a successful Kickstarter campaign!!!
With the success of our Kickstarter campaign, we received our first batch of inventory. Click on our Store tab to make a purchase. Interested in the Kickstarter campaign? See below to learn more.
Kickstarter campaign
PoochiPouch is the convenient, eco-friendly, dignity building solution for the ones we love.
What are my PoochiPouch options?
The PoochiPouch comes in three different sizes (small, medium, large) and three different colors to fit your pooch's size and personal style.
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Stylish design
Size does matter
Our solution comes in three sizes to accomodate the size needs of our customers.
When asked what your pup is wearing, you can proudly say, "The PoochiPouch, of course!"
Place the PoochiPouch on your dog's leash or collar - what ever is the most convenient!
Size Recommendations
The size you choose really should be determined by the size of Poo your pup is usually known for ;)
But below is a quick recommendation based on the weight of the dog:

Small - 30 lbs and under
Medium - 30 lbs to 80 lbs
Large - 80 lbs and above
Pick the size and color that is right for you and your dog today by clicking on the Store tab at the top of the page!
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