The PoochiPouch Story
A real problem with a real solution
Bentley and I are the co-creators of the PoochiPouch. We love to go running together, and not too long ago we were running into a real life problem that needed solving. We would start out on a five-mile run, and not one mile in, Bentley would need to stop to handle some poo-related business. That would leave yours truly to carry his poo for the next four miles.

So what do a couple of entreprenuerial guys do? We went to work. You see, Bentley let me know that all he cared about was our time together outside. He was willing to carry his own poo, but we needed to figure out how.

After many prototypes, we settled on the model we have now. The PoochiPouch is not an annoyance when attached to Bentley's collar (shown in the pic) and not in use. As soon as he goes, we release the PoochiPouch to full length and clean up his mess. He is more than happy to carry it until we get to a waste receptacle to unload it. 

Poo Problem solved!